August 11, 2011 Program

Guest Presenter:

CHRISTINE T. FISCHETTE, Ph.D. is Senior Advisor at Griffin Securities, Inc., New York, NY and President and CEO of her own Business Development Consulting firm. Formerly she was President of Enzo Therapeutics, Inc. from 2008-2010 and prior to that she spent 25+ years in Big Pharma with increasing areas of responsibility covering multiple areas of drug development, commercialization and business development. She functioned as Executive Director and Head of Negotiation, Global Business Development and Licensing for various therapeutic Business Franchise Boards at Novartis Pharmaceuticals from 1999-2007 where she identified, negotiated and executed a number of deals involving various deal structures, including acquisitions, with US, European, Japanese and Indian large and small companies. She held various positions of increasing responsibility at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, NY directing preclinical/clinical development, IND’s/NDA’s, medical marketing, marketing and business development from 1987-1999. During that time she directed the entire drug development process and subsequent marketing effort for an anti-diabetes therapy, Glucotrol XL®, and became head of Pfizer’s US commercial arm for diabetes. Net Sales of the franchise eventually reached approximately $350m. Prior to her work experience at Pfizer, she conducted research as Senior Scientist at Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. and as a Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Associate at Rockefeller University, NY. Dr. Fischette holds a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. She has authored over 50 publications in peer-reviewed publications, including Science.

Presenting Companies:

Agennix AG is a publicly listed biopharmaceutical company that is focused on the development of novel therapies that have the potential to substantially improve the length and quality of life of critically ill patients in areas of major unmet medical need. The Company’s most advanced program is talactoferrin, an oral immunotherapy that has demonstrated activity in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase II studies in non-small cell lung cancer and in severe sepsis. Talactoferrin is currently in Phase III clinical trials in non-small cell lung cancer, and a Phase II/III trial with talactoferrin in severe sepsis is underway. Other clinical development programs include RGB-286638, a multi-targeted kinase inhibitor in Phase I testing, and a topical gel form of talactoferrin for diabetic foot ulcers. Agennix’s registered seat is in Heidelberg, Germany. The Company has three sites of operation: Planegg/Munich, Germany; Princeton, New Jersey and Houston, Texas. For additional information, please visit the Agennix Web site at .

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: AOLSi) s developing a new class of catalytic antioxidant compounds that protects healthy tissue from the damaging effects of radiation. Its first compound, AEOL 10150, is being developed for oncology indications, where it is used in combination with radiation therapy. It is also being developed, with funding by the US Government, as a medical countermeasure against chemical and radiological weapons, where its initial target indications are as a protective agent against the effects of acute radiation syndrome and delayed effects of acute radiation exposure. Aeolus’ strategy is to leverage the substantial investment in toxicology, manufacturing, and preclinical and clinical studies made by US Government agencies in AEOL 10150 to efficiently develop the compound for use in oncology

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. has a productive drug discovery platform with a broad IP portfolio based on unique expertise of sigma receptors ligands. ANAVEX 2-73 has already entered Phase I clinical trials, targeting Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  Several other new drug candidates with high affinity for sigma receptors are close to entering Phase I clinical trials. The synergetic effects of sigma receptors offer a new neuroprotective mechanism in AD and other Central Nervous System disorders such as epilepsy and depression. Anavex proprietary sigma ligands induce apoptosis in cancer cells in a selective way. Anavex oncology candidates show promising pro-apoptotic activity in several in vivo models of solid tumors.