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February 7th, 2023




Corporate Presenters



Concarlo Therapeutics is an oncology biotech developing a new class of drugs to treat drug-resistant cancers by controlling the p27 target, a protein at the bottom of the oncogenic funnel that has the unique ability to inhibit CDK4/6 and CDK2. Targeting p27 has clear differentiators and will offer a low toxicity alternative to patients. Concarlo is pursuing several paths to the clinic through its large and small molecule programs, both in pre-clinical development.


Dr. Stacy Blain, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientific Officer of Concarlo Therapeutics, will be presenting.



26 mil HF patients are diagnosed with Heart Failure worldwide. 50% have “Heart Failure with preserved ejection fraction” of which 65% have a stiff ascending aorta that impedes longitudinal contraction of the heart.

Artract is a fully implantable non-active Medical Device without blood contact that frees the apex of the heart in order to allow for inverse longitudinal shortening, in this way improving heart function and reducing left atrial pressure, which increases patients quality of live and live expectancy.

Dr. Wolfgang Goetz, Founder and Executive Chairman of Artract and Venock, will be presenting.



Flight simulators are used to test pilots, we create a cell simulator to test treatments.

Cytocast Ltd. is a Budapest-based startup company that revolutionizes drug discovery and personalized treatment by integrating bioinformatics databases with patient data into computer models to understand the effects of perturbations caused by diseases and predict how drugs can modify cellular health.

Prof. Attila Csikász-Nagy, CEO of Cytocast, will be presenting.

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John Lieberman

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About NYC MedTech
NYC MedTech is a professional platform that assists many different collaborators in the life science, biotech, device and pharma industries to achieve successful outcomes. This unique program not only brings together companies and investors but all people who are involved in these industries, from reporters, scientists, academia, trade organizations, to international partners et. al.

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