April 24, 2012 Program

Carlton Vann, Director of the Division for International Business at the Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps, and Protocol in the New York City Mayor’s Office.

Guest speaker: Martin Grumet – Director of the Stem Cell Research Center at Rutgers University

Stem Cells P&L: Past, Current & Future

Dr. Martin Grumet is the Director of the Stem Cell Research Center, Associate Director of the W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, and a Professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. His research focuses on novel applications of molecules and stem cells to restore function following neurological traumas and diseases.
Dr. Grumet was awarded a B.S. in Physics from the Cooper Union and a doctorate in Biophysics from The Johns Hopkins University. He did postdoctoral work at the Rockefeller University with the Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerald M. Edelman. In 1990, he moved to NYU Medical School where he worked on the development of the nervous system and neurological disorders including brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injury. In 1999 he was recruited by Dr. Wise Young to Rutgers University to work on spinal cord injury.

Since coming to Rutgers, Dr. Grumet has isolated the first cell line with radial-like properties and has isolated clones of neural stem cells that, after transplantation in the injured spinal cord, have improved recovery. With a special focus on therapeutic applications for people, he has developed techniques for delayed delivery of small molecules and stem cells to the cerebrospinal fluid by minimally-invasive lumbar puncture that resulted in functional improvements after spinal cord injury. He also is developing human and rodent neurons derived from stem cells to serve as models for various neurological disorders and as candidates for transplantation.

Dr. Grumet’s background and experience give him expertise in presenting both the scientific and ethical considerations in the development and use of stem cells.


Heat Biologics: Jeff Wolf, Founder & President

Heat Biologics (“Heat”) is a clinical-stage company focused on developing its novel “ImPACT” (Immune Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy) off-the-shelf therapeutic vaccines to combat a wide range of cancers and other diseases. Heat’s ImPACT therapy effectively transforms living tumor cells into powerful machines that “pump out” important antigens to robustly stimulate the immune system against the targeted disease.

Jeff Wolf is the Founder and President of Heatbiologics and former managing director at Seed-One Ventures, a firm focused on identifying and acquiring cutting-edge ideas and technologies and the systematic formation and management of early-stage, high-growth companies based on these breakthroughs. Jeff’s primary area of focus is forming and running new technology-based ventures. Since founding Seed-One, Jeff has started and run several medical and biotech companies. Jeff’s start-ups include Avigen, a San Francisco-based gene therapy company; TyRx which is focused on the development of bio-compatible polymers; EluSys Therapeutics, a New Jersey company focused on the development of a novel technology to remove blood-borne pathogens; Sensatex, a Maryland company focused on the development of novel medical diagnostic systems and GenerationOne, a Miami-based company focused on mobile-based collaborative care.
Jeff received his M.B.A. from Stanford Business School, his J.D. from New York University School of Law and his B.A. from the University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors in Economics.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories: Chip Fisher, President

The son of the legendary stereo pioneer, Avery Fisher, Chip Fisher is currently the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories.

Chip earned his BA from Harvard University in 1978. After graduation, he worked for IBM in the Data Processing Division. He later founded and sold several companies before founding Fisher Wallace Labs in 2006 with the late Martin Wallace, PhD.

Chip serves on the boards of Avery Fisher Artists Program and the Virtual Music Academy.

Fisher Wallace manufactures a cranial electrotherapy stimulator (CES) device that is FDA cleared to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety. The device uses patented radio frequencies to stimulate serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins. It’s a novel therapy: a hand held and inexpensive device that does not require prescription drugs or medical professionals to administer.

There have been 30 studies on the safety and efficacy of the therapy with current research from Harvard, Columbia and the University of Maryland coming out within the next year.

PLURISTEM THERAPEUTICS is returning to NYC MedTech for an UPDATE.
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NasdaqCM: PSTI; TASE: PLTR) is a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapies. The company’s patented PLX (PLacental eXpanded) cells drug delivery platform releases a cocktail of therapeutic proteins in response to a variety of local and systemic inflammatory diseases. PLX cells are grown using the company’s proprietary 3D micro-environmental technology and are an off-the-shelf product that requires no tissue matching or immune-suppression treatment prior to administration. PLX-PAD comprehensive clinical development plan has been recognized by both the EMA and FDA, targeting a sub-population of 20-million patients of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) market.

Pluristem’s first product, PLX-PAD, has undergone a comprehensive clinical development plan that has been recognized by both the EMA and FDA. PLX-PAD targets a population of approximately 20 million patients in the Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) market. Data from two Phase I/II clinical trials indicate that PLX-PAD is safe and potentially effective for the treatment of end stage PAD. Pluristem’s pre-clinical animal models have demonstrated PLX cells are also potentially effective for other ischemic/inflammatory indications such as heart disease, muscle injury, inflammatory bowel disease, radiation and chemotherapy exposure and as an alternative to bone marrow transplantation.

William R. Prather RPh, MD – Senior VP Corporate Development

William R. Prather RPh, MD, is a Registered Pharmacist as well as a Board Certified Internist and Geriatrician. In 1992 Dr. Prather left the practice of medicine to pursue a career in the financial industry where he has held Senior Healthcare research positions for a variety of investment banks. Dr. Prather founded OsteoSeek, Inc., a private biotechnology Company and co-founded Panacos, Inc., a public pharmaceutical Company. Additionally, he has been on the Boards of several public and private companies, including Boston Biomedica Inc., PriMed, MdBio, and sat on the Advisory Board of MDS Capital Management.