March 3rd, 2015

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015, 5:15PM

Troutman Sanders LLP, located in the Chrysler Building, 405 Lexington Avenue

Presenter– Dr. Eric Bornstein-CMO & CS

Nomir Medical Technologies, Inc. designs unique, dual wavelength laser technologies to alter and damage multi-drug resistant bacteria within the human body, without damaging human tissues.  Nomir’s second product, Noveon II, addresses the issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in relation to nasal decolonization and chronic wound indications such as diabetic foot ulcers.  Noveon II laser wavelengths kill the resistance mechanism of the bacteria, rendering them defenseless against the ordinary generic antibiotics.  (


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Presenting Company: ADial Pharmaceuticals, LLC  William B. Stilley CEO

ADial has identified a subset of patients with a genetically driven defect in their serotonin processing that enhances their craving for alcohol. After identification of these patients through a simple genetic test, the Company’s proprietary drug, AD04 can be administered to interrupt the serotonin effects. In a 283-patient Phase 2 clinical trial, AD04 was shown to significantly reduce both the frequency and quantity of drinking.

Keynote Speaker: Simon Noble, PhD, Director, Scientific Communications, CHDI Management/CHDI Foundation


Rethinking foundation-funded research – CHDI Foundation is a privately-funded nonprofit biomedical research organization whose mission is to facilitate the development of therapeutics that will substantially improve the lives of individuals affected by Huntington’s disease as quickly as possible. CHDI manages a diverse portfolio of research projects through a novel virtual model that encourages scientific collaboration to more directly connect academic research, drug discovery and clinical development to help bridge the translational gap and reduce delays to therapeutic development. CHDI’s activities extend from exploratory biology to the identification and validation of therapeutic targets, and from drug discovery and development to clinical studies and trials.