Dr. George Yancopoulos – Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

On December 6, Dr. George Yancopoulos, Chief Scientific Officer & Founding Scientist of Regeneron Pharmaceutical was the keynote speaker.
Dr. Yancopoulos is the founding scientist for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, where he serves as President of the Laboratories and Chief Scientific Officer. He is also adjunct full professor at Columbia University and was awarded Columbia’s Stevens Triennial prize for Research and the University Medal of Excellence for Distinguished Achievement. Dr. Yancopoulos is widely regarded as a world leader in several fields of biology and has authored more than 350 scientific manuscripts.
Dr. Yancopoulos and his team have progressed numerous drug candidates to human trials, including the IL1-Trap which has recently been approved for treatment of an orphan inflammatory disease, the VEGF Trap for cancer and blinding eye diseases, and several fully human monoclonal antibodies for various indications, derived using VelocImmune technology.

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