Dec. 6, 2016 NYC MedTech

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 Keynote Presentation:

Gilad Hizkiyahu

  Co-CEO of Singer Instruments and Control

Tirat Carmel, Israel

Singer Instruments & Control specializes in the development, design and production of instruments and systems for industrial, medical and defense applications. The Company’s products are currently orbiting in space, sailing at sea (above and below water), implanted in the human body and assisting in complex medical procedures.

Corporate Presenters:

Alexander Sebastian

Founder, CEO and Partner at VivoSens Medical

Reproductive Health

VivoSensMedical GmbH is a medical technology company that focuses on diagnosis and treatment in the fields of gynecology, reproductive medicine, immunology, and autoimmune diseases. 

They will be presenting their patent-protected product OvulaRing with CE approval. It is a wearable ovulation tracker that can determine the best time for conception, optimize fertility treatments and simplifies natural contraception, according to VivoSensMedical GmbH.


Konrad Sell

Corporate Officer at Sonovum AG

Sonovum AG are specialists in Ultrasound Brain Monitoring. The company non-invasively monitors minuscule changes in the cellular and molecular structure of brain tissue. With their technology, Acoustocerebrography (ACG), they can monitor these changes in acute settings as well as permanent monitoring settings.


Attending Companies:

Invest Region Leipzig GmbH



We look forward to seeing you on December 6th.